Back in 2014, I was constantly identified as the ‘strong’ girl. People would always point out how "good I was looking" and I loved it— I ate it up. But deep down I knew I wanted to be more than just a ‘fit girl’ with nothing more than a nice body. I wanted to be someone beyond my appearance, someone who gave back and someone who made a difference. I definitely wanted more in life than what I was getting, but I just had no idea what that even looked like or how I was going to get there. Before I knew what that entailed, I excessively worked out and restricted my meals in an attempt to change my body... because society says that was the first step to true happiness. Amiiiright?!? (Insert body- shaming diet slogans here). 🚫 Well, fast forward four years later, and I am finally living by MY TRUE VALUES— without living by our diet culture’s rules. And yeah I may not be the same person physically, but overall I am so proud to be who I am and where I'm going! I am now confident and happy in the decisions I make and I don’t need to ‘challenge’ anyone (including myself) to feel adequate. I also don’t have to squeeze myself into a size 26 to feel loved! 👇🏻 SO HOW DO YOU REDEFINE YOUR VALUES? You can start by taking a look at the following photos. 👉🏻 Start journaling what your core values are and explore how they make you feel! Tag a friend and share which ones relate to you most. 💞 Mine are giving back, being creative and always finding ways to grow.

Which ones are yours?!

How Do You Redefine Your Values?! Here's a Way to Give it a Try!