The Clarity Call is a 20-minute phone-call designed to give you clarity and confidence on areas you want to grow. It's also an opportunity to discover whether we are a good fit as coach and client, and to get a grasp on what coaching will offer you. 



In our breakthrough call, we'll have more time to uncover what it is you REALLY, truly want, (often it's different than you thought).


We'll go over some of the external and internal factors keeping you from creating the outcomes you want and deserve. And we'll figure out how we can move forward to best serve you and your needs!


* The Breakthrough Session goes toward credit if you choose to move forward with a Monthly Package 


We'll start with peeling back the layers of your food and body story and talk about the mindset and the beliefs that are holding you back. You'll get specific practices and tools to challenge your biggest barriers from day one.


We’ll discuss specific goals you have in mind, your past experiences, medical history, stress factors, what concerns you may have, etc. And then in following sessions, we’ll dive right into coaching exercises and techniques, and coping skills and tools that will work for you! 


Personalized coaching using Neuro-Linguistic Programming, integrated with years of experience in peer support and eating disorder recovery - catered to your specific needs.


We'll dive deep into what’s stopping you from total mind, body, and food freedom. And we'll focus on the root of your body image and self-worth barriers using different coping skills, techniques and coaching exercises.


With this investment, we'll meet once a week or biweekly for a month to dig even deeper into what's going on. And believe me, this is where the magic happens! Whether your biggest hurdles are related to body image, self-doubt, fear, comparing yourself to others, binging, self-care or trying to figure out who you are beyond food and fitness - we'll do specific coaching exercises to deal with each and every one of these discoveries.

You'll have weekly email check-ins to make sure you're feeling supported and we'll hold you accountable to make them happen. It will be hard, but it will be SO worth it, and I'll be with you every step of the way! 


Can't commit to monthly sessions? How about two or five-session package to get you started so you can have more freedom to meet when you feel it's right.