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Do you ever wonder what it would be like if you spent less energy fixating on what you can control— and more time focusing on the things that actually matter to you? 

For too many of us, it’s causing harm to our mental health and sucking up way too much time and energy in our lives.

Through my passion for helping others, I use coaching tools and techniques to help people regain their mental and emotional health— with more strength and clarity. And with coaching, you have someone to work alongside you. Not just to talk about your struggles with perfectionism— but to also work on your self-worth, your values, goals, and ambitions!

Through a unique process of combining mindset shifts and emotional healing, along with teaching you how to listen and trust your mind and body, we’ll work together to break free from societal standards and negative mindtraps. Together, we’ll utterly transform your perception of who you are deep down, and what it is you’re capable of, and who you’re meant to be/who you already are deep down!

With coaching at Tillie + True. We’ll dig deeper into what's going on in your life. And trust me, this is where all the magic happens... Whether your biggest hurdles are related to poor self-esteem, self-doubt, fear, comparing yourself to others, self-care or trying to figure out who you are beyond perfectionism— we'll work closely together to do specific coaching exercises and learn healthier coping skills to find out what works for YOU.

On top of individual sessions, I offer packages that include weekly text and email check-ins to make sure you're feeling supported and accountable for your healing. 


I'm not saying it’s gonna be easy— but I do know the work is WORTH it! 


Plus, I promise I’ll be with you every step of the way!


- Chantal Lacoste, Tillie + True

Is coaching right for you?