A community leader, entrepreneur, coach & life-long student dedicated to helping YOU find your truth and start making a difference in your own unique way.


a little bit   about me

I'm a woman of all trades, but first and foremost, I'm a poutine-connoisseur, self-love warrior, and a mental health advocate. I graduated from the University of Winnipeg with my Rhetoric, Writing and Communications degree in 2017. It was in that year where I started volunteering for the Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba and Willow Place, a Winnipeg-based domestic violence shelter. 


In 2018, I also completed my eating disorder recovery program at the Women’s Health Clinic, which became the guiding light and motivation behind my coaching business and online community,  'Tillie and True’. 


My ultimate goal is to help empower others wherever they're at in their lives. I am a passionate, stigma-fighting advocate, volunteer, and spokeswoman for both mental health, ending family violence and creating awareness around eating disorders and child abuse. 


When I'm not directly supporting others, I'm helping children and youth as the Community Coordinator for Snowflake Place for Children and Youth, Manitoba's only child advocacy center.


Fun fact: I launched Mealshare, in Winnipeg, in Feb of 2018. Mealshare is a social enterprise feeding youth locally and internationally through solution-based organizations like the Boys and Girls Clubs of Winnipeg and Save the Children Canada.


If I'm not working, advocating, or trying to create awareness for great causes in my community, you can find me watching documentaries or adventuring with my fiancee, walking our two huskies.



my healing journey

My self-love journey began the day I stepped into my psychiatrist’s office seven years ago after I had my third car accident in just a few short weeks of each other. I was broke, hysterically crying and severely contemplating suicide.


Within an hour, I was diagnosed with depression and Borderline Personality Disorder.


Behind the scenes, I was finding more ways than I could keep up with to self-sabotage and hide from my problems and feelings, including a battle with bulimia and orthorexia.


I was binge drinking up to four times a week and would find myself in dangerous situations, waking up regretting almost everything I had done the night before.


When I wasn’t partying, my eating disorder was consuming my life. It got so bad that I had to drop out of university because I couldn’t focus without hearing the toxic, inner voices of my eating disorder. I'd fall asleep in class from extreme fatigue and couldn’t remember a single thing I learned.


Once I went and saw my psychiatrist, it opened up another door to finally ask for help.


I started receiving counselling and using free resources in the community, wherever I could.


I began to see a significant improvement in my relationship with myself and others.


Although, I was still using my eating disorder to deal with my emotions, I relied heavily on fitness and food to have some sort of control in my life.


After a few months of trying to navigate through recovery on my own, I met my coach, Terra. Once I started working with her, it's where I began to see REAL changes in my life. She helped me hold myself accountable, make action plans, and work on the emotional traumas I couldn’t get past in traditional therapy.


She was a mentor and a friend whom I can go to whenever I needed help.


She taught me how to trust and believe in myself, and gave me the foundation and strength to move forward and continue to grow.


Once I found that confidence to pursue my healing journey, I referred myself into any mental health resource I could, including an eating disorder program in Winnipeg, where I spent every week for two years, working with a counselor, a dietician, and support group full of women, trying to unlearn all the mixed messages that our environment, diet culture and society had taught us.


I began to read and read, and learn anything I could about feminism and emotional healing.


I started creating boundaries for myself and began trusting my mind, body and intuition again.


I started figuring out what my true values are and started LIVING by them.


Once I finished university in 2018, I began searching for a career in the same world that helped me thrive.


I also continue to volunteer for causes that are close to my heart. I help advocate for causes including family violence, mental health and eating disorder recovery (all issues I have experienced and have a deep desire to help others with wherever I can).


I found through the confidence of volunteering, I met many strong women in business who stand up for themselves, and stand up for what they believe in.


I admired their strength and courage more than anything.


After getting the support of some wonderful, inspiring women, I created Tillie + True, a coaching business (meaning “strength in battle” and “live your truth”) to help support women struggling with similar issues I went through.

This journey only started seven years ago, and it's just the beginning!

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